Ariadne FAQ

General Questions

Which web browsers is Ariadne compatible with?

Currently, Ariadne has been qualified in browsers based on WebKit and Gecko rendering engines. This means it will work in Firefox (3.6 or later), Safari (5 or later), Google Chrome, and iOS and Android browsers. Compatibility with Opera and Internet Explorer is expected to be introduced in Q2, 2013.

Compatibility and Storage Descriptors

Why can’t I see any locations when I am trying to add a new inventory item?

It is likely that the compound has restrictions on where it can be stored safely. For instance, the compound might be highly flammable (FL or Fl+), yet your lab does not yet have any Fl or Fl+ locations defined. Please evaluate your current storage arrangement, and create a new location if necessary. It is also possible that incorrect storage descriptors were assigned to the compound.

What storage descriptors does Ariadne use?

Please visit our downloads page to obtain the compatibility chart and the current list of suggested descriptors.

Reports and Data Export

Can I export my entire inventory list to Excel?

Yes, easily. To do it, log on as a Group Administrator. Select the “Manage Laboratory” tab, then “Create Reports” tab. Select “Flat List” from the drop-down menu, and choose the export format.

Administrative Tasks

Can I prevent my users from changing storage descriptors for a certain compound?

Yes. Log on as a Group Administrator, select the “Manage Compounds” tab and edit the compound in question. On the third screen of compound editor wizard, check the “Lock Descriptors” checkbox.