Ariadne |Ariadne (pronounced /æriˈædniː/) is an information, inventory, and safety management tool for chemistry and life science laboratories.

  • We offer Ariadne as a cloud-hosted service. That means there is no need to install, configure, or download anything to get started.

    Your information is always backed up, and accessible from any web browser. We use industry-standard encryption to make sure your data is safe and confidential.


  • Ariadne makes it easy to segregate hazardous or incompatible chemicals, such as flammable liquids and oxidizers.

    Each storage location and each chemical are assigned one (or more) of 15 storage descriptors. It is only possible to store a chemical in a location with matching descriptors.



Why Your Team Needs a Chemical Inventory

An accurate, up-to-date chemical inventory is one of the principal assets of any research laboratory. A well-implemented inventory system has the potential to:

  • Make the laboratory safer, and help comply with regulatory reporting requirements
  • Save money by eliminating duplicate orders
  • Save the most precious resource of all, time

Keeping track of thousands of chemicals in a research lab is not a trivial task. Specialized inventory software does exist. However, such software is often focused squarely on regulatory compliance, and is perceived by end users as a burdensome layer of digital bureaucracy. Laboratories in academia are especially likely to keep vital inventory records in ordinary spreadsheets, or even on paper.

How Ariadne is Different

Ariadne is a web-based chemical inventory created by chemists, for chemists. It has been designed first and foremost as a research tool. Ariadne features a beautiful and intuitive user interface, a powerful search engine, real-time item tracking, and extensive reporting capabilities. Unlike a spreadsheet or a flat-list database (such as most other inventory systems), Ariadne ensures the list of items is always consistent and up-to-date. This is how it is achieved:

  • Location of every chemical is assigned semi-randomly, making it hard (or impossible) to find items without relying on the database
  • The system reveals the item location only after the item has been checked out (reserved) by the user
  • Mandatory checkout ensures item movement is tracked in real time, with no extra effort from users
  • Lost or misplaced items are immediately identified, and no longer show up in search results

Moleculenix offer Ariadne as a cloud-hosted software as a service, so there is no need to install, configure, or download anything to get started.

Development History

Ariadne started as an in-house project at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA. Since then, the application has been successfully deployed by research groups in other institutions, including University of California, Berkeley, and KAUST. Currently at a major version number 3, Ariadne is an extensively tested and mature product.
A typical academic or industrial research group uses (and keeps in storage) up to several thousand commercial chemicals. Most of these chemicals are hazardous materials, which makes them a clear occupational hazard – and a major liability for the institution. Ariadne has been designed to simplify the main risk-management tasks: communicating the hazard information to users, reporting, and segregation of incompatible chemicals.


Many jurisdictions mandate on-site access to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Ariadne makes MSDS management and accountability easy. Close to 7000 data sheets are provided out-of-the-box.


Storage Segregation Policy

Ariadne automatically segregates incompatible chemicals, such as oxidizers and flammable liquids. Each storage location and each chemical are assigned one (or more) of 15 storage descriptors. It is only possible to store a chemical in a location with matching descriptors.


Labels and Signs

Create clear, informative labels and signs with two mouse clicks. Signs generated by Ariadne feature international hazard signs, applicable R- and S- phrases, and storage descriptors.


Barcodes Made Easy

Check the status of sensitive or hazardous inventory items quickly using a barcode scanner. Ariadne can generate unobtrusive and wear-tolerant DataMatrix labels. It is also possible to use pre-printed barcode stickers, or your institution’s existing asset tags.


Monitoring and Management

With Ariadne, it is trivial to plan and implement a safe chemical storage policy for your lab. Monitor the number of items checked out by your team members. Disable the editing of specific chemicals to ensure they are only stored in particular locations.



Ariadne comes with a variety of report templates for tracking hazardous materials and data export. We will be happy to provide custom templates that fit your specific use case (such as regulatory reporting). Reports can be downloaded in .PDF, .XLS, or .HTML formats.

Who is using the bottle of styrene that used to be on the bottom shelf? Do we have enough benzophenone for the next synthetic step? What primary amines are available for the library synthesis? Would not it be nice if the team members always had a ready answer to these (and similar) questions? Ariadne was designed with needs of wet-bench researchers in mind. It includes a flexible and powerful search engine, ingenious item tracking, and features that help collaboration between teams of researchers. The user interface is touch-friendly, and ready for Retina-class mobile devices, such as the new iPad.

Item Tracking

Item location is only revealed to the user after he or she checks out the item. This ingenious feature ensures items are always checked out for accurate, real-time inventory tracking.


Lost and Found

Has an item been lost or misplaced? There is a (big red) button for that! Everyone on the team is immediately notified that the item is missing. The name of the last user is included in the notification. The item will no longer show up in search results, saving valuable time.


Built for Collaboration

Ariadne was designed from the ground up for multi-group collaboration. If the collaboration features are enabled, researchers from other groups or departments can submit requests to loan chemicals. A supervisor can approve or deny these requests, and easily keep track of returns and overdue items.



PubChem search (by keyword or structure) is integrated into Ariadne. Use it to perform quick name-to-structure conversions, or to compile lists of synonyms.


Synonyms and Tags

Ariadne can keep track of an unlimited number of synonyms for every cataloged chemical. That means that you can find that container of N,N-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide by searching for “DCC”, “538-75-0″, or “208-704-1″. User-defined tags can be attached to chemicals (i.e. “coupling agent” or “peptide synthesis” for DCC).


Structure Search

Ariadne can search chemicals by structure similarity. ChemWidget is used for structure input, which means no browser plugins or Java are required. Structure input is easy to use and fully supported on touchscreen devices.

Ariadne is a modern web application that runs in major web browsers* without additional downloads or plugins.** We support a variety of barcode scanners and label printers.***

Browsers Safari 5+, Firefox 3.6+, Chrome, iOS and Android
Recommended Software Adobe Reader 10+ for printing labels and signs
Label Format .PDF, machine-readable with embedded DataMatrix codes
Barcode Scanners Honeywell Xenon 1900, Motorola DS4208-SR, Motorola DS9208, Datalogic GD4430****
Label Printers Zebra ZM400, Zebra LP2824, Zebra LP2824+****
Hardware Display capable of 1024×768 or better resolution

* Standards-compliant browsers based on WebKit and Gecko. Support for Internet Explorer and Opera 12 coming Q2, 2013
** Adobe Reader recommended for printing barcodes and labels
*** Ariadne can print labels to regular office printers, or use handwritten labels
**** Please contact our support team for the latest information on compatibility
$9*per user, per month is all you need to get started. Our basic plan for academic groups comes with no contracts, obligations, or a setup fee. If you like our service (which we are certain you will!), you can take advantage of our flat charge yearly subscription rates for a significant discount. Please contact our sales team in order to get started.

Academic Government Industry
Monthly Fee per User** $9 $12 $21
One-Time Setup Fee $0 $200 $200
Included Custom Reports 0 1 1
Additional Custom Report Templates $75 $200 $200
Yearly Subscription: up to 10 Users*** $779 $999 $1799
* Includes academic discount. There is a minimum of two users per active account
** Charges are pro-rated for deactivated user accounts
*** Please contact our sales team for quotes for larger groups and discounted departmental rates.